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Have you ever thought about how many variations there are in the design of a 6X6-foot room? This time we will demonstrate it for you. The most basic method is of course to make a platform bed for the whole room, and then make a built-in wardrobe on the right side of the door. The advantage of this approach is that you can make good use of every inch of the room.

But what if we also want to add a dressing table to the room? The method is to make a dressing table barrel in the wardrobe. After the barrel is pulled out, a board can be removed from the top, and the bottom of the board is installed. Got a dressing mirror. In addition, there is a checkered storage space inside the cabinet, and the lady doorman sorts the bottles and cans into categories.


So what can you do if you want to make a full-length mirror? There are three methods. The first is to hang a mirror behind the door, and the second is to make the sliding door of the wardrobe into a mirror, which can increase the beauty of the room. In addition to creating a sense of space, it can also be used as a full-length mirror, serving two purposes. The last method, which is only suitable for sliding door wardrobes, is to add a sliding mirror to the neutral panel. As for which method is suitable for you, you can consider it based on your personal preferences and Feng Shui.


So what if you still want to add a TV cabinet to the entrance of the room? Our designer helped you think of a wall-mounted TV cabinet at the end of the bed. But the TV cabinet must be installed slightly higher, otherwise the side bed board will be tied to the TV cabinet and cannot be opened.


The next step is to add a desk to the entrance of the room. If a desk, bed and wardrobe are needed at the same time, the design becomes more difficult. There are two approaches to consider at this time. The first method is to make the wardrobe into a wall cabinet and install it on the side of the bed. The desk faces the window, making it easier to get light and make reading and writing more comfortable. The last option is to make a modular bed. Make the bed above, and the wardrobe and desk below. You can also make a stair cabinet to provide additional storage space.


If the room requires two beds and a wardrobe, then only a T-shaped bed can be considered. After placing the T-shaped bed, the last space that can be developed is to build a bedside wall cabinet on the upper bed. The flip-up cabinet doors make it easy to store large items.

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