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Many children are afraid or not brave enough to sleep alone in a single bed after leaving their parents’ bed or BB bed. A childlike cartoon bed is of great help to children trying to sleep alone, so parents They all want to help Feizi find a happy and safe cartoon bed. This time, Hao Furniture has designed a cruise ship cartoon bed. It has a cruise ship window and a streamlined design, plus the outline of the side of the cruise ship. Children can enjoy being a captain and a passenger. If you have fun, you will no longer be afraid of sleeping alone.

The widened semi-circular ladder pedal provides better support for children, making it less likely to slip and stumble, making it safer when going up and down.

Several holes are dug out on both sides of the ladder to serve as handrails, so that children can be supported when getting up and down. In addition, both sides are designed with rounded corners, so parents don’t have to worry~

The rails and side panels of the bunk bed are hollowed out to look like cruise ship windows. In addition to the appearance of a cruise ship, it also serves the purpose of lighting and ventilation. By placing the bunk bed next to the window, the bedroom can still be kept stylish. Good lighting and air circulation are definitely both inside and out!

With many years of experience in customizing furniture, we are familiar with and understand the layout and size of Taiwan. Therefore, our cartoon beds are practical designs with special cartoon styling elements. They do not need to take up too much space, even if the double-layer sheets are against the wall. It can be placed against the wall on two sides or even on three sides without damaging the shape of the cartoon bed. Small units can also be used to create cute and interesting cartoon beds!

There are three large cabinets under the bunk bed on the outside. They are equipped with high-quality rail hardware and are easy to open and close, making it convenient to store toys, clothes, etc. The inner side is a panel cabinet, which can be opened by removing the mattress of the underframe bed. It is ideal for storing out-of-season clothes and rarely used sundries.

Not only does the bed box have storage space, but a shelf is also added on the lower level as a bedside table, where small items such as dolls and mobile phones can be placed.

The ladder can be on the left or the right, it’s your choice!

Every child has their own favorite color. When buying a bed for them, of course you have to choose the color they like! Our cruise ship cartoon beds are available in a wide range of pink colors, making the bunk beds full of childlike fun~ Children will naturally grow up happier and more worry-free.

Main color: white A100, secondary color: green E280

Main color: dark pink purple A153, secondary color: light pink purple A126

Main color: light pink blue E245, secondary color: dark pink blue A186

Main color: white A100, secondary color: yellow A182

Cruise ship bed color matching details (applicable to color matching designs)

Detailed size chart that can hold a 3.5-foot x 6-foot mattress

Detailed size chart that can accommodate 4 feet x 6 feet mattress

The standard size is not enough to fit your house? Don’t be afraid, guests can customize the size of the cartoon bed.





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