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Have you made good use of the window sill you bought for 200,000 yuan?

A window sill is worth 200,000, I’m really not kidding you. According to the regulations of the Buildings Department, as long as the depth of the window sill is less than 500mm, it can be given to developers to sell and make money. Therefore, most rooms in new properties always have a window sill that is as long as the room and 500mm deep. If a standard 2000mm long room costs $20,000 per square foot, a window sill owner would pay $200,000 to buy it. Nowadays, units are getting more and more expensive. The area of ​​1 bedroom is sold as 2 bedrooms, and the area of ​​2 bedrooms is sold as 3 bedrooms. Each room on each floor has a window sill. Everyone knows how much net profit the developer makes.

As a small business owner, you must learn how to make full use of windowsills. The above is one of our examples of using a window sill, which is to make a window sill bed on the windowsill. Since the window sill is only 500mm deep and a single bed is at least 900mm wide, the remaining outside space can be used as a top-mounted cabinet to store rarely used sundries. In addition, the general window sill is 500mm high from the ground. Even the height of the mattress is knee-high. Therefore, we recommend adding a small platform step next to the window sill bed to make it easier to get on and off. If you need a lot of storage space, you can make the entire room into a platform. The shortest length of another mattress is only 1830mm. If the window sill is 2000mm long, you can actually make a bedside table like our case and make full use of the remaining space.

Finally, I suggest that all owners should not waste the window sill they bought for 20 yuan. Custom-made window sill beds are a good choice. Our company specializes in custom-made window sill beds. We welcome all owners to contact our sales staff.





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