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Every parent attaches great importance to the safety of their baby, and will take meticulous care and consideration for their baby. So when purchasing furniture, what should we pay attention to in terms of bedrooms? Good Furniture will discuss it with you this time:

Formaldehyde content

Formaldehyde content is an indicator worthy of parents’ attention. When purchasing furniture, be sure to choose E1 or even E0 low-formaldehyde furniture. Formaldehyde is produced by the volatilization of organic matter in glue. Usually it has a strong flavor. Many people think that new furniture must have a new furniture smell, but they are totally wrong. This smell is actually the smell of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has limited impact on adults, but it has a great impact on the brain development of newborn babies. Symptoms range from dizziness and vomiting to mild mental retardation. E1-level furniture can already achieve the effect of being odorless, while E0-level furniture is advanced and even odorless than tasteless. All furniture in our company has E1 boards to ensure the health of your whole family

furniture safety

Furniture safety is the second consideration. We recommend that you only buy furniture made of plywood and not furniture made of solid wood particle board/bagasse board/high-density fiberboard. The reason is that the structure of furniture made of these boards is easy to be unstable. It was pushed by BB There is a risk of collapse at any time upon impact.

Make wall furniture

All furniture must be inserted into the wall, which means directly fixed to the wall. Wall-mounted furniture will also have caulking glue on the four sides to stick the furniture to the wall. The furniture built into the wall is not only easy to clean, but also will not be easily pulled down by babies/children. Customers who buy ready-made furniture should be very careful. Taking our case above as an example, all our furniture is designed to be built into the wall, and we also use E1 fine-core plywood, which is safe and reliable.

Minimize corners

The advantage of making in-wall furniture is that there are fewer corners. The fewer corners can naturally avoid the risk of the baby bumping into the cabinet.

Maintain light transparency in the room

Sunlight helps the baby’s body produce vitamin D, so even if the room desperately needs storage space, leave a window so that sunlight can enter the room directly. For example, some newborn babies need to be illuminated soon after birth because of insufficient vitamins. The abundant vitamins can help BB brain development. Like our case above, cabinets are built on the left and right sides of the room, and the window position in the middle is reserved so that light can shine directly onto the bed. This is an excellent example.


If you also want to order safe and reliable BB room furniture, you are welcome to contact our company’s furniture salesperson at any time.




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