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油壓床 床頭板 衣櫃及地台 睡舴地台及衣櫃 地台及書枱及衣櫃

The most powerful TV series furniture combination with 360 degrees of no dead ends

It’s a big secret that we named this furniture set this way. All because as long as you lie on the bed, you can successfully watch dramas in any direction. The reason is? Because we have made furniture that can be used to place the TV in the three directions of the hydraulic bed, except for the windows. We made a bedside cabinet at the end of the bed so that the TV can be hung directly on the wall. We also provided the owner with a mop board that can be used to connect the power supply to the TV set-top box and other equipment. We also made a bedside table next to the bed. The TV can also be hung on the wall, and the cables are also connected. The last direction is the side of the bed. We built large wardrobes on the left and right sides of the bed, leaving the middle space empty so that the view can directly reach the desk. When a computer screen is placed on the desk, the perfect furniture combination with no blind spots and the most powerful drama is born, hahaha~!


If you also want to create a similar furniture combination in your room, you are welcome to contact the designers in our furniture store at any time.


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