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We have designed many lofts and bunk bed combinations for our customers, but after seeing the installation of this loft case, I couldn’t help but show my sincerity, because the color matching effect is so beautiful, so I must share it with everyone!

Border color matching creates a dreamy feel

The pure white and wooden loft combination is simple and natural, but a little unremarkable. In addition, the customer requested that the loft fence be added to the house design, so after discussing with the customer, the designer decided to use the “border color matching” effect to design A dark blue border extends from the stair cabinet to the entire loft fence.

This color matching effect is not too childish, but at the same time full of fantasy, and it is not easy to conflict with others.

The windows are airy and light-transmitting

If you want the fence of the loft or the upper and lower lattice beds to be ventilated and light-transmitting, in addition to the ordinary straight and horizontal fences, if you want a special style, you can make a window shape to match the entire loft or the upper and lower lattice beds. .

Corner staircase to match small room size

The guest’s room is not big, but the stairs are high enough, so we designed it as a loft to make the lower space more comfortable. However, the height of the attic is high, and the stair cabinet naturally requires several more steps to go up to the upper floor. If you want to build a stair cabinet in a limited space, a corner stair cabinet is a good way. Use the hypotenuse to steal half a step at the corner, making it easier to go up and down.

The corner stair cabinet will not affect the opening and closing of the lockers on the lower floor. The entire lower space is more usable and spacious. It is no problem to add a desk, wardrobe, or a large hollow cabinet to use up every inch of space.

If you would like to customize a unique bunk bed or loft combination, please contact us and our designers can work with you to design the ideal style.


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