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1. It is not recommended for children under six years old and the elderly to sleep on the upper floor

Children under the age of six are prone to accidents when getting on and off bunk beds due to their immature height and immature muscle development in their feet. The elderly usually have poor balance and degraded knee joint function, and are not suitable for climbing to the upper level of the bunk bed for a long time.

碌架床, 雙層床, 上下格床, 上床下書櫃連書枱

Bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed and bookcase with desk

2. The distance between ladder pedals should be between 20 and 30cm

When choosing a ladder design, in order to prevent children from stepping in the air and causing accidents due to tripping, the distance between the ladder pedals should be between 20 and 30cm. The width of the ladder should not be too narrow and should have anti-slip design. They must be able to be comfortably supported. The foot plate will be safer and less strenuous when used.

碌架床, 雙層床, 上下格床, 上床下書櫃連書枱

Bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed and bookcase with desk

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3. The stair cabinet should have handrails or be placed against the wall.

Families with larger bedrooms may choose a ladder cabinet instead of a bunk bed. Since the distance between each floor of the staircase cabinet is large, it is best to have handrails or a wall-mounted design to improve safety during use.


The stairwell for bunk beds/bunk beds should preferably have handrails or be placed against the wall

4. The height of the upper bed fence and the thickness of the mattress

Many people overlook when purchasing a bunk bed. The height of the railing of the bunk bed needs to be calculated after placing the mattress. For safety reasons, to avoid the risk of users falling from the upper floor, after deducting the thickness of the mattress or mattress, the fence of the upper bed must be at least 20cm to be considered safe.

碌架床, 雙層床, 上下格床, 上床下書櫃連書枱

Bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed and bookcase with desk

5. Smooth surface and rounded corner design ensure safety

The surface of the bunk bed bed frame must be flat. It is best to choose a bunk bed design with built-in screws, because metal screws are easy to rust, and accidental scratches may cause skin inflammation. Similarly, the rounded corner design can also prevent bumps and scratches, ensuring the safety of users, especially children.

6. Don’t think of a fence as a wall

When purchasing or ordering a bunk bed, you must pay attention to the stability and durability of the fence. Even if the fence is stable enough, do not use the fence as a wall or handrail for a long time. Putting your entire weight on the fence every day may cause the fence to deteriorate over time. Overloaded.


Don’t think of the railing of your bunk bed/bunk bed as the wall

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7. Location of bunk bed

Beams, windows and doors, maintenance valves, air-conditioning pipes and other equipment will make it impossible to install the bunk bed. At the same time, pay attention to the electrical switches and lighting positions in the bedroom and desk to prevent heat from deforming the boards and affecting the durability of the bed frame. .

碌架床, 雙層床, 上下格床, 上床下書櫃連書枱

Bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed and bookcase with desk

8. Bedside lamp protects you in the dark night

A small bedside lamp is very important for users of bunk beds. Most bedroom light switches are near the door. Users of bunk beds often have to put down the bed when they get up at night. It’s easy to lose your footing when climbing up and down when you can’t see clearly. Therefore, if you can install a bedside lamp or sensor light on the upper bedside table or headboard, it will be safer and more secure when getting in and out of bed in the middle of the night. .


Bedside lamp escorts in the dark night

9. Pay attention to the formaldehyde content of bed frame materials

The average sleep time we have every day is about 8-10 hours, which is equal to the time we stay in bed. If the board used for the bunk bed frame exceeds the standard of formaldehyde, it will seriously affect your health. Therefore, when ordering a bunk bed or bunk bed, you should pay attention to whether it is made of safe E0 and E1 ultra-low formaldehyde boards.

If you want to customize a safe and reliable bunk bed, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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