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Loft beds are very common in Taiwan. After all, not every family only has one child, and the room is often not enough. There are many types of loft beds, the most common ones are I-shaped bunk beds and L-shaped high-priced beds. Let’s learn about the characteristics of L-shaped loft beds and see if they are suitable for your bedroom.

1. Air conditioner location and air outlet

The location of the bedroom air conditioner is closely related to the placement and type of the loft bed. If the air conditioner outlet is on the side, it can blow to the upper and lower bunks at the same time. You can choose I-shaped bunk beds or L-shaped loft beds. However, if the air-conditioner outlet blows directly to the upper bunk bed, it is best to choose an L-shaped loft bed to avoid People below can’t get air-conditioning at all.

L-shaped loft bed/bunk/combination bed for bedroom

2. Consider the user’s height

I-shaped bunk beds are usually designed to be higher in order to take into account the comfort of the users of the lower bunk, so that the upper bunk is closer to the ceiling. The L-shaped loft bed can gain more space for the upper bunk bed, and the L-shaped design allows the upper and lower bunks to be staggered, and the lower bunk can also enjoy a wider space, so taller users will be better off choosing an L-shaped loft bed.

L-shaped loft bed/bunk/combination bed for bedroom
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3. Interactivity of bunk beds

I-shaped bunk beds are obviously less interactive than L-shaped loft beds. For example, if you want to chat on the bunk beds, you can’t see each other when sleeping on the I-shaped bunk beds, and you will feel more alienated; but sleeping on the top bunk of an L-shaped loft bed will make you feel more alienated. You can see the people below through the fence, which makes the interaction more intense and the relationship between brothers and sisters will become closer.

L-shaped loft bed/bunk/combination bed for bedroom

4. Climb the ladder away from the lower bunk to reduce harassment

The straight ladder of the L-shaped loft bed is usually placed away from the lower bunk. For users with different work and rest habits, this can avoid disturbing the users of the lower bunk when climbing up.

If you also want to customize an L-shaped loft bed, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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