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A girl’s heart must be pink! From the age of 3 to 80, whether you are a daughter or a mother, there is a castle in your heart where a princess lives.

Want to wake up every day as if you are in a princess dream? Pink is an indispensable furniture element.

Window style fence welcomes beautiful every day

In the design of bunk beds, the fence on the upper floor is a good design location. The fence is hollowed out in the shape of a window, which makes the air in the bunk bed more circulated. At the same time, it has a sense of shape and childishness. Every time you get up, you feel like Being in the garden of the castle, you will feel refreshed and ready to welcome every beautiful day.

A dreamy combination of light pink and white

In order to create the dreamy feeling of a princess, color matching is very important! Light pink is softer, more elegant and more durable than true pink, and you won’t get tired of it after a few years. The large area of ​​light pink combined with white makes the whole room feel gentler, adding a dreamy layering, and is filled with a fairy tale atmosphere!

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Arc design makes space lines softer

The fences, slats and other positions are all designed with arcs, which makes the lines of the entire set of upper and lower beds softer and more girlish. It is also less likely to be injured when climbing high and low, and there will not be too many sharp corners.

A mother-in-law bed for mother and daughter to chat

There is no cabinet or bucket under the lower bed. Instead, the space is reserved to make a double bed. Mother and daughter want to chat and tell stories. There is a comfortable place for the mother. If the little daughter is not used to sleeping by herself, the child can The mother’s bed is very convenient for parents to accompany them at night.

Stair cabinet allows you to go up and down elegantly

Of course, the princess always maintains elegance and grace. Climbing the ladder requires more strength and balance, and it is more difficult to maintain an elegant posture when going up and down. The stair cabinet is much more elegant and can go up and down gracefully. Princesses in fairy tales often use it. The stairs are going down! In addition, the stair cabinet also has the function of storage, so it can serve two purposes!

If you would like to customize bunk beds/loft beds/bunk beds, please contact us.

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