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Color is a very important part of interior design. How to match the color will greatly affect the atmosphere of the space. This time we have selected a fresh and refreshing macaron pink and green bedroom furniture customization example for you. You are considering renovating the bedroom. If you are looking for a new home or are about to move into a new one, don’t miss the following introduction!

Macaron pink green + white + light wood color

Apply the pink macaron color to large areas, such as bed frames and bed boards. In addition to being simple and fresh, it also makes the space filled with a childlike and comfortable feeling. The combination of pink and green with white and light wood color adds a sense of layering to the bedroom without being too sweet, and a natural and fresh atmosphere emerges spontaneously. Pink and green are used in the bedroom color scheme, and the bedroom instantly becomes the busy life of urbanites. An oasis of respite.

Use color to demarcate spaces

Color-blocked furniture combinations are not only beautiful, but can also be used to divide space. For example, in the wardrobe under the bed, the white cabinet door is the hanging area, and the light wood color is the cabinet area, making it easy to organize and store. Another example is the wardrobe and bookcase combination, which uses pink green and light wood colors to separate the bookcase area and wardrobe area, while achieving the effect of style fusion. So color matching is not only beautiful, but also has practical uses.

Using furniture color instead of oil is more convenient and saves time

I was very hesitant when renovating my bedroom. In addition to replacing new furniture, do I need to repaint the walls? If you want to be prudent, small renovations will turn into major renovations, which may not meet the expectations of some guests. In fact, the combined bed and wardrobe take up most of the bedroom area and cover most of the wall. Therefore, if you want to remodel the bedroom, you don’t have to re-paint it. Instead, you can directly match the color of the furniture to create a new room. Style will be more convenient and time-saving!

If you would like to customize a similar style modular bed and bedroom furniture combination, please feel free to contact us.





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