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As a parent, you must want to provide the best life for your children. However, parents often accidentally project their childhood dreams and wishes onto the design of children’s rooms, which may not fully meet the needs of children’s growth. In fact, as long as parents remember the following five key points in designing children’s rooms, they can help you raise smart and well-behaved children.

1. Short wardrobe allows children to put away clothes

The best way to develop good storage habits in your children is to let them participate personally! Therefore, when designing storage cabinets and wardrobes for children’s rooms, they can be in the form of loft beds, with upper beds and lower wardrobes. Then the height of the entire wardrobe is basically accessible to children, allowing them to hang their own clothes, toys and sundries. Can be easily tidied up. Over time, appropriate design will help develop good habits in your children!

In addition, sliding doors and drawers can be equipped with hardware components with buffer functions. The switches are not easy to be pinched and are very safe for children to use alone!

兒童房的上下床,碌架床連衣櫃, 矮身衣櫃讓孩子養成自己收拾衣服的好習慣

Bunk beds, loft beds and wardrobes in the children’s room, and low wardrobes allow children to develop a good habit of tidying up their own clothes.

2. Appropriate display space becomes a creative stage for children

Although it is important to teach children to develop good habits of tidying up their rooms, a corner of the children’s room should be reserved as a display space, allowing children to arrange it themselves and put their favorite dolls, toys or knick-knacks, so that they can unleash their creative universe. As well as stimulating their vision, it can also increase children’s sense of belonging to the bedroom.


The bunk beds, loft bed, window desk and appropriate display space in the children’s room can become a creative stage for children.


3. The window desk creates ample study space

The learning environment needs to have sufficient light, which is better for children’s eyes, so using the window sill to create a desk will not only save the space on the window sill, but also make good use of the natural light outside the window and become an important “magic weapon” to accompany children in their studies!

Movable laminates can be installed on one side of the wall, which can be connected to the windowsill desk to form an L-shaped desk, providing a larger desk space to adapt to changes in children’s learning needs.


The bunk beds, loft bed, wardrobe, wall cabinets and windowsill desk in the children’s room create ample study space.

4. Develop storage space to high altitudes while retaining ground activity space

After all, the bedroom space is limited, so part of the storage space can also be considered to be developed upwards. Use wall cabinets to store rarely used items, which can only be accessed and stored by parents when needed. It does not occupy the activity space on the ground or block the windows, but at the same time provides a certain amount of storage space. Like the wall cabinet in the example that extends to the bedside, it can also be used as a bedside table for the upper bunk, allowing the upper bunk to have space for storage.


Good children’s room design can cultivate smart and well-behaved children

5. A simple design is better for a children’s room than a colorful one

In order to give their children a happy childhood, parents may choose colorful and lively colors as wall decorations in children’s rooms. However, rooms in urban Taiwan are usually on the small side, and they may not necessarily be redecorated and change the wall color within ten years after moving in. Moreover, the wall color is the most direct stimulus, but also the most tiring, so the walls and furniture of the children’s room It is more suitable for a simple design, and then use curtains, sheets and other easily replaceable household items to supplement the color of the bedroom. It can also be changed according to the preferences of children of different ages.


Simple design is better than colorful children’s room

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