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衣櫃 油壓床


Nordic style is currently popular, but how can you create a pure Nordic style? The key is to use two colors, white and wood grain, and match each other to create a pure Nordic style.

This time we customized a platform bed for our guests, complete with bedside tables and bedside wardrobe. The outer part of the platform bed is equipped with two cabinets, and the inner part is made of four top-opening door panels. The door panels are equipped with hydraulic air supports, which will slowly lower when closed without pinching fingers. For the bedside table, we made it into a hollow cabinet, which can be used to place small accessories, phones and other items. For the backrest part, in response to the customer’s request, we did not make a bedside bag but only made a door panel that flips up and down, because bedside bags are sometimes difficult to take care of. For the upper bedside table, we made a double-door storage cabinet with movable shelves that can adjust the height up and down. At the corner, we also made a small corner shelf that can be used to store small accessories. We also made a bedside wardrobe on the bed side. The upper layer can hang clothes, and the lower layer has several cabinets and buckets to facilitate guests to classify and store different clothes. Overall, this is a practical storage design.

If you also want to order furniture of the same style, you are welcome to contact our designers.





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