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Many customers like glass door wardrobes because they fit very well with modern home styles. In addition, the living environment in Hong Kong is relatively small. Glass door wardrobes create a transparent and refreshing sense of space, which is indeed a very good design. This time I will introduce to you the new type of water-patterned glass. There will be one more choice for glass doors in the future.

Water textured glass with particularly good decorative effect

Water-patterned glass is also known as water-patterned glass and water-rippled glass. The embossing pattern on the glass imitates the shape of the water surface when it is blown by the breeze. Some customers also describe the beauty of water-patterned glass as like rain falling on the glass. . Therefore, it is gentler and easier to clean than Changhong glass, and has more texture than frosted glass.

Visible but impenetrable, looming, regular and random water ripples, the decorative effect is particularly good. When used on screens and soft partitions, it can add a hazy beauty like an oil painting to the home; when used on wardrobe cabinet doors, it can both It can make the wardrobe look less cluttered without losing the transparent nature of glass.

The beauty of modern style: water-patterned glass door wardrobe

We have used water-textured glass to customize wardrobe cabinet doors for several customers. The black aluminum frame is covered with water-textured glass, coupled with the wood-colored cabinet body and the embellishment of LED lights. The wardrobe is no longer black. Instead of a traditional wardrobe for clothes, you can find a modern wind glass door wardrobe that combines both inside and outside.

Water-textured glass can not only be used on sliding doors, but the panels of cabinet buckets can also be converted into glass surfaces, making it easier to see your clothes stored and making the wardrobe better-looking.

If you would like to customize a water-textured glass wardrobe or storage cabinet, please contact us!






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