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Can the light switch position be used as a cabinet?

Every room will have a wall with a light switch for the room. Many guests will ask if they want to make lockers on this wall? The answer is yes! There are actually 4 ways to do it, and we have included them here. For both cases, you can refer to the furniture case above. Let us discuss the pros and cons of these four approaches in detail below.

Electrical repositioning, installed on the side panel of the wardrobe

If you want to use up this wall for storage, you can change the location of the electric system. When decorating furniture, we can help customers extend the electrical cord and install it on the side panel of the wardrobe. In this way, the wardrobe can reach as far as the door, using up the available space. Although this method can greatly increase the storage space, because the wires need to be extended, you will see wires inside the lockers. At the same time, you will also find a bottom box wrapping the electrical panel inside the wardrobe. The function of the light switch system has no effect, but some customers who pay attention to appearance do not like to see open lines in the wardrobe. So I don’t like this approach. You can take a look at the effects achieved through the above cases.

The electric system does not need to be repositioned, and the wardrobe is made into a C-shaped cabinet.

This method uses up the wall space as before, placing the wardrobe next to the door, but the electric system does not change its position. The wardrobe is directly made into a hollow C-shaped cabinet, and the electric panel is exposed. The advantage of this approach is that it can provide a countertop space and does not require additional payment to change the electrical system. How effective is this approach? You can refer to our above case.

The electric system does not need to be repositioned, and the back panel of the wardrobe is missing.

This method also uses up the wall space, but leaves a opening on the side of the wardrobe, so that the hand can reach in from the opening to turn on the lights in the room. The advantage of this approach is that there is no need to change the electrical control position, and all the space can be used for storage. But one disadvantage is that it will be more difficult to repair the lighting system in the future.

The electric system does not need to be changed, and the clothes are just next to the electric system.

I believe this method is easy for everyone to understand, which is to place the wardrobe next to the electric system. This approach has three major benefits. The first is that the electric system is easy to repair, the second is that there is no need to pay to change the electric system, and the third is that it can reduce the sense of oppression when getting started. If the wardrobe is placed just next to the door, you will see the wardrobe as soon as you enter the door, and the passage to the other room will be more constricted. Since the wall space is not used up, there is naturally less storage space.


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