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MythBusters: Can electric desk lifts really pinch your hands?

When we help customers make electric lifts for their tatami, the most common question they ask us is will the electric lift table break off their hands? Today, Good Furniture will take a look at the test results of this real case with you. This case is a whole-room floor in the master room. We made a hidden electric lift table on the floor by the window. Our master will put one hand in when the height-adjustable table is lowered to see what happens.

The result is of course that there will be no hand pinching, because the electric lifts provided by our company all have anti-hand pinching functions. When the electric lift table is lowered, if it encounters any object that hinders the descent, it will stop immediately and then rebound upward. Prevent accidents from happening.

If you also want to customize the tatami of an electric lift table with an anti-pinch function, you are welcome to contact our staff.

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