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睡房 趟門 衣櫃及書枱 衣櫃 油壓床及床頭包 油壓床

Hydraulic bed combined with small platform creates the strongest Nordic style

What I want to introduce to you this time is the furniture design of a master room. We use light-colored wood grains with marble patterns to create the strongest Nordic style. This is a master room with an ensuite bathroom, so we made small platforms at the door of the room and the entrance to the toilet for storage. The hydraulic bed is also specially raised, mainly because we hope to take advantage of the high floor and make full use of the space under the floor for storage. The hydraulic bed is 500mm high and can accommodate two thin suitcases. The outside platform is 400mm high and the small stair steps are 200mm high. On the 400 mm floor, we also made a desk. You can put tatami cushions on the floor and then use the desk. The height of our desk from the floor is also carefully calculated based on the height of the seat cushion and the height of the owner. We also made a marble-patterned wall cabinet on the top of the desk. The depth of this wall cabinet allows the owner to conveniently store equipment such as printers or hosts. The wardrobe also uses marble pattern as the main color, which contrasts with the light wood grain color of the platform, adding to the Nordic style of the entire space.

If you are also interested in customizing a Nordic style master room, you are welcome to contact us.


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