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How to separate the hydraulic bed to make it practical?

To create a functional hydraulic bed, internal partitions are the most important aspect. Typical hydraulic beds are generally separated by a horizontal “sun” shape. There are two large compartments on the left and right, which are very practical for storing suitcases and plastic boxes. But if you want to sort things into categories, the “field”-shaped partition may be more suitable for you. However, the “field”-shaped partition has a disadvantage, that is, it will be difficult to take out the things inside, because the hydraulic bed is at 45 degrees when opened. 3 angular. The items inside can only be taken out through the narrow opening, so it will be difficult to get it. There is basically no need to consider the “well”-shaped separation, because if you use the “well”-shaped separation, the innermost things will basically not be taken out. Another commonly used separation method is the horizontal “eye” shape. This separation method is commonly used in electric hydraulic beds, with the electric hydraulic device placed in the middle. The last method of separation worth mentioning is to make cabinets and barrels on the outside and “sun”-shaped partitions on the inside. This non-partition method has the same disadvantage as the “field”-shaped partition method, that is, it is difficult to take out the things inside. However, for some users who desperately need cabinets and buckets to store clothes separately, this separation method is unavoidable.

If there is remaining space at the head or end of the bed after the hydraulic bed is built in the room, we generally recommend making a hollow cabinet to make good use of the space. Taking our case as an example, we made a hollow bed The head locker also has a light strip in the middle to facilitate reading or playing with mobile phones at night. A small platform or steps can also be made next to the bed like in our case. In addition to bringing extra storage space, it can also make it easier to get up and down. If you are also interested in ordering a hydraulic bed, we welcome you to contact us.


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