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Teach you how to increase the storage space of a bunk bed

Bunk beds, as the name suggests, are made of one bed above the other. Is there any way to make the bunk bed have more storage space? There are three methods. Let Good Light introduce them to you one by one.

Lower bunk as bed box

The simplest and most direct method is to turn the lower bunk into a bed box for storage. There are generally three types of bed boxes for lower bunks. One is a storage bed type, which can lift the entire bed board. The second is to divide the bed box of the lower bunk into two large pieces, which can be one in front and one in back or one on the left and one on the right. The last one is to use drawers in the front and storage in the back. Each type of bed box has its own advantages and can be purchased depending on personal needs and actual room environment.

Bedside cabinets are installed on both upper and lower beds

Bunk beds are usually placed against the wall. If you want to increase the storage space of the bunk bed, you can build a bedside cabinet for both the upper and lower bunks. This bedside cabinet can be made with or without doors. If there is a door, you can also choose to make a sliding door or a flip-up door. It is generally not recommended to make a swing door because if you forget to close the swing door when it is open, you may easily hit your head.

Make stair cabinets

If there is still space left after making bunk beds in the room, you can choose to make a stair cabinet. In addition to making it easy to climb up to the upper floor, the stair cabinet can also be made into different drawers to facilitate the classification of different clothes.

If you are interested in customizing a bunk bed with high storage capacity, please feel free to contact our company for further information.





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