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Wardrobe is a piece of furniture that every family will have, and a major focus of wardrobe design is the partitions.

Assign wardrobe locations

The most important thing for a practical wardrobe is that the partitions meet the needs of the user.

By clothing type

If the wardrobe is used by one person, it is most convenient to divide and place it according to the type of clothing. For example, put the current season’s clothing in the middle, put the out-of-season clothing on the top, and put some commonly used clothing in all seasons at the bottom, such as underwear and socks.

by gender

If it is a master bedroom wardrobe, it is most common to separate the places where the male and female owners place their clothes by left and right. For example, the left side of the wardrobe is for the male owner’s clothes, while the right side belongs to the female owner. Because the characteristics of men’s and women’s clothes are different, they can be The partitions and hardware accessories in the wardrobe are designed to meet the different needs of men and women.


The most important thing for a practical wardrobe is that the compartments meet the needs of the user.

Multiple styles of intervals to suit different clothing needs

Various partitions can maximize the storage capacity of the wardrobe, such as clothes rails for hanging shirts and coats, trousers racks for trousers, drawers or baskets for small items such as underwear and socks, and shelves for tops, shorts, etc. Clothes, and the shelves on the top of the wardrobe are used to place quilts, small suitcases or various storage baskets that are not usually used.

As long as you carefully plan the clothes to be stored in each storage compartment, and customize the most suitable height according to the length and quantity of the clothes, you can use up every inch of space in the wardrobe.

Drawers should be placed in the lower half of the wardrobe

A perfect wardrobe is indispensable for drawers. Drawers are usually located in the lower half of the wardrobe and under the hanging area. They are most suitable for placing commonly used underwear, socks, towels and other clothing.

The height of the top of the drawer from the ground should not be higher than 120 centimeters. If it is too high, it will be difficult to see and reach the objects in the drawer. The common heights of cabinet buckets are 16, 24 and 32 centimeters, the ideal length is about 40 to 80 centimeters, and the depth needs to be based on the overall depth of the wardrobe itself.

Adding locked drawers to the wardrobe can also be used as a safe to store valuables.

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The distance between layers should be 40-60 cm

The distance between the shelves is too small or too large, which is not conducive to placing clothes. Especially if it is not used with a pull basket or storage box, the clothes are stacked too high. When the clothes on the bottom are pulled out, the whole stack of clothes will fall over. Over time, the wardrobe will become messy and it will be inconvenient to access clothes.

If you have special storage needs for large items, such as suitcases or duvets, you can specify this when designing the wardrobe so that the designer can reserve sufficient storage space.


Choose the right cabinet door

Wardrobe doors are generally divided into flat doors and sliding doors, and you can also choose an open wardrobe. Each of the three wardrobes has different advantages and disadvantages. No one is the best. You need to consider the size and layout of the room to find the wardrobe style that suits you best.

Swing door wardrobe

Swing doors are the most traditional cabinet doors. The advantage is that they are cheaper and the sealing performance is better than sliding doors and open designs. However, since the stress point of the swing door is only a few door hinges, the cabinet door should not be too large or too wide, and a passage must be reserved for the cabinet door to open and close. If the room is too small, it may not be suitable for use.

sliding door wardrobe

The operating principle of sliding doors is to use slide rails and axes to install the door pieces in the wardrobe, thus solving the problem of occupying space when opening and closing flat doors. At the same time, the sliding doors are supported by rails up and down, allowing for larger doors. piece. The disadvantages of sliding doors are that their sealing performance is not as good as that of flat doors, they are more expensive, and once the rails or pulleys age, the process of replacing parts will be more complicated.


Sliding door wardrobes can solve the problem of having to reserve a channel for opening and closing the doors in flat door wardrobes.

open wardrobe

Since an open wardrobe does not need to be equipped with cabinet doors, the size can be changed flexibly, and it can also be used as a cloakroom. There is no depth limit for storage baskets and storage boxes, so they can be placed at will. It is very convenient to take out clothes, but the space can easily appear cluttered. Clothes also collect dust easily.

If you also want to customize your wardrobe, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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