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打開後的地台床/油壓床 地台床 衣櫃 衣櫃 拉架底軌 拉架頂櫃 衣櫃拉架

This kind of pull-out storage rack (referred to as a pull-out rack) is actually only suitable under certain circumstances, and there are many ways to do it. This time, let Goodlight and everyone take a look at the application of this case. We helped the guest build a platform bed with a hydraulic bed in the master room, and also built a large wardrobe against the wall. We made a pull-out storage shelf in the corner of this large wardrobe. This kind of storage rack is very suitable for use in relatively deep cabinets, such as wardrobes or angled stair cabinets. Generally, the width of the door panel will be larger than the depth of the cabinet, so that when the shelf is pulled out, the depth of the cabinet can be better utilized for storage.

If traditional shelves are used as a storage method, things placed outside will block the things inside, making it difficult to extract the things inside. By using the pull-out method, you can imitate the form of a drawer and pull out the entire space for a clear view. The main difference between a rack and a drawer is that the space in the rack is viewed from the side, while the space in the cabinet is viewed from the top, so the rack can be made very high, but the drawer can only be 1300mm high from the ground at most. You can’t see it no matter how high you go, or you have to use a ladder. Therefore, the pull-up rack has the advantage of making better use of space.

The special thing about the rack in our case is that the height of all the shelves in the rack can be adjusted freely, and each layer has a stop bar to prevent things on the shelf from falling off easily. Our pull-out style uses heavy-duty top and bottom rails, which can bear much more weight than the traditional 3-section drawer rails. But if you really want to put very heavy things, such as books and red wine in the rack, we recommend using side-mounted rail guides and making pulleys at the bottom of the rack. This design is suitable for putting very heavy things. Below is a case of application in shoes for everyone to take a look at. With this form of pull-out rack, even if a dining table is placed in front of the C-shaped cabinet, it will not affect the opening and closing of the shoe cabinet, allowing the space in front of the cabinet to be used more flexibly.


客廳鞋櫃/C字櫃 客廳鞋櫃/C字櫃


If you are also interested in making a storage cabinet with pull shelves, whether it is used to store sundries or shoes, our company can help you. You are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time~!







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