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Tired of using ordinary wooden door wardrobes, but have always been hesitant that glass doors will be too transparent, too many clothes or not folded neatly will make the vision look cluttered, brushed glass may be your new choice!

The brushed metal effect looks good

Brushed glass is no different from ordinary clear glass. They are both transparent and have a smooth surface. Unlike Changhong glass, which is uneven, brushed glass is very easy to clean. But when you take a closer look, you will see that there are many strands of metal threads inside the brushed glass, which sparkle under the light, and the wardrobe immediately becomes high-end and beautiful. Moreover, brushed glass seems to have a hazy feeling under the light, making the items behind the wardrobe door looming, which has a better visual effect than Changhong glass.

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Strengthened glass is safe and easy to use

In addition to looking good, the impact strength of brushed glass is also much higher than that of ordinary glass! Because the drawing effect we see is actually sandwiched between glass, which is equivalent to steel bars installed in concrete! Even if it is hit, it will not break into pieces. It is both beautiful and has the effect of tempered glass. Even guests with children do not have to worry and can safely choose a brushed glass door wardrobe.

Easily create a light and luxurious style with an aluminum frame

The hazy beauty of brushed glass is more transparent than Changhong glass, and the processing of the lines is also very fashionable. If you don’t look carefully, you would think that there is a curtain on the other side of the glass door, with an aluminum frame. If you like high-profile, you can choose gold, Silver door frame, if you like low-key, you can choose black door frame! If you want a light luxury style wardrobe, you might as well choose brushed glass as the wardrobe door!

If you would like to customize your brushed glass wardrobe, please contact us.

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