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地台床 地台床 書枱

The room needs to be small but fully furnished

It is not difficult to find a bed, a wardrobe and a desk in a room. We filled the entire room with a platform. The advantage of the platform is that it can be used as a bed and as storage. After laying out the rest of the bed, we made a bedside table. Our photos didn’t show it clearly because the photos were taken for us by customers who were satisfied with our finished product, so we can’t have too high requirements. But everyone can just assume it exists, haha.

The bedside table is actually a half-height cabinet with a flip-down door panel and bedside bag. It sits on the floor and has a movable shelf inside that can adjust the height up and down. Next to the bed, we made a large desk. In this 6X6-foot room, it is indeed a bit luxurious to have such a large desk. It can be seen that the guests desperately need a desk for work and entertainment. On the left side of the desk, a wall cabinet is built to hang clothes, while a movable shelf is built below to place computers, printers and other equipment. A small room has both a bed and a wardrobe. The desk and bedside table are really rare.

If you also want to order a room with the same complete furnishings, you are welcome to contact us at any time.


Raised Platform



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Bedroom Cabinet





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