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If you are planning to buy a modular bed, have you ever thought about choosing a custom-made modular bed? From the considerations of practicality, durability and safety, custom-made modular beds are superior to ready-made modular beds. Here are the 6 major advantages of custom-made modular beds that you must know!

1. Rounded corners can be added to ensure safety

Regardless of whether the modular bed is used by adults or children, the rounded corner design can protect their safety when using it and avoid injuries. Therefore, when customizing the modular bed, you can specifically explain to the designer the stairs, bed rails, wardrobe corners or Use rounded corners wherever there is a risk of collision.

上床下衣櫃, 圓角設計可避免撞傷

The upper bed and lower wardrobe have rounded corners to avoid injuries.

2. Create a super storage system

One of the benefits of a customized modular bed is that it can use up every inch of space to create a super storage system. Most of the ready-made modular beds on the market are “bed and desk” or have relatively small storage space on the lower floor, so we recommend those that require a lot of storage space. Guests choose customized modular beds. In this case, we customized two giant wardrobe combinations for the guests, arranged in an L shape, leaving a spacious floor space for the guests to climb into bed, and it is also very convenient for taking and storing clothes or large sundries. convenient.

At the same time, we are equipped with a variety of high-quality hardware for guests to choose from, including double-layer clothes hanging rails, lifting clothes rails, storage baskets and buffer drawers, to provide guests with a better storage experience.

3. Equip your modular bed with lighting

Generally, ready-made modular beds are rarely equipped with lighting. Customized modular beds can be equipped with the required lighting at will. For example, automatic sensor lights are installed in the wardrobe so that guests can see every corner clearly when opening the wardrobe and easily find what they need; Install an LED light strip on your bedside table as a night light, eliminating the need to climb out of bed to turn on the light every time. In addition to practical lighting, guests are also free to add LED light strips to the modular bed to add to the atmosphere of the room.


Automatic sensor lights in wardrobe

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4. Install silent wardrobe sliding doors and buffer drawers

Keeping the bedroom quiet is good for sleep quality in the long term. Choosing silent wardrobe sliding doors is one of the ways. Even if the children are sleeping on the modular bed, parents have to put their clothes in the closet. As long as there are silent wardrobe sliding doors, they will not be afraid of waking the children. And for larger wardrobe combinations, the sliding door guide rails are installed horizontally, coupled with metal door frame reinforcement and wear-resistant pulleys made of modern synthetic materials, so that the structural stress is balanced and will not deform after long-term use. If you choose a swing-door wardrobe, you can also choose buffer hinges, which can also achieve a silent effect.

In addition, buffer drawers are also very suitable for use in bedroom wardrobes because they can be as quiet as silent sliding doors and are also safe. Buffer drawers will not close all at once, so the chance of pinching your hands during use is greatly reduced. .


Modular bed design – upper bed and lower wardrobe

5. Can avoid cross beams and air-conditioning outlet locations

Housing units in mainland China are relatively small, and the bedroom space is even more limited. In addition to making good use of floor space, customized modular beds can also be designed for guests based on the actual situation of the bedroom and guest preferences, avoiding beams and air-conditioning outlets. The most comfortable modular bed ever.

6. Use high-quality boards

When choosing customized furniture, in addition to the furniture design, you also need to consider the selected panels to protect the health of your guests. All of Haolite’s customized furniture uses E1 solid wood plywood, which is low in formaldehyde, durable, not easily deformed and resistant to moisture.

If you also need a customized modular bed, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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