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Why do customers choose house beds?

The customer wants to create a “Dream Room” for two children. The two siblings share a bedroom, so the storage capacity of the room is very important. There must be enough storage space, including clothes, books and toys. There are stair cabinets for the bed, There are several large storage spaces such as wardrobes and platform bed, where all the things of the two sisters and brothers can be stored, and the house bed can provide an environment for children to play and learn, which is also positive for the two sisters and brothers to grow together.

The house bed and the growth of children

Many customers who custom-made the bed have shared with us that the cute appearance of the bed not only makes the children happy to use it, but also makes the children consciously cherish their room more, and they are reluctant to mess up and get dirty. After putting it away, the dolls on the bed will be arranged neatly.

It turns out that the house bed is not only attractive in appearance, but can also cultivate children’s self-care ability and independence, because they need to climb up and down by themselves and manage their own toys and belongings. There are many different designs and colors for kids bed. Among them, green with white is a very popular choice, and it also adds various colors to the growth of children. The L-shaped design and the rise and fall of the stair cabinet can increase the practicality of the bed, making it safer for two siblings to play together, and adding fun to the children’s room.

A house bed promotes creativity and imagination in little ones as they can use the bed as their own castle or playground. For learning and growing up, the bed is also a good place, because it can provide a quiet and comfortable environment for children to focus on reading, writing, drawing and other activities.

Small limitations of the house bed

Of course, there are some restrictions on the house bed. Not every room can do it. If you want to custom-made a house bed for children, you have to read on. The house bed needs to take up a certain amount of space. If the bedroom is small, you may want to choose the ladder type; in addition, if the floor to ceiling height is not tall enough, the roof type cannot be used.

Since the upper bed of a bunk bed is generally higher than that of an ordinary bunk bed, it may take some time for children to get used to it. Moreover, for parents, it may take a certain  time and effort to maintain and clean because the house has many irregular shapes.

All in all, the house bed is a good choice for children’s beds and has many benefits for children’s growth. Of course, when choosing a kids beds, parents need to make the best choice based on their actual situation and needs.

If you want to custom-made bunk beds for your children, you are welcome to contact us via Whatsapp, or come to the store to inquire about quotations.





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