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子母床連衣櫃 子母床 儲物櫃

Many people think that after making a double bed, they cannot make other furniture. This idea is actually wrong. If you just buy a double bed from an ordinary furniture store, it will of course be a waste of space, because you won’t be able to use the space at the head, foot and sides of the bed.

If you want to use up all the space, you should actually order a bunk bed instead of buying a ready-made bunk bed. The reason for customization is because the size of all the furniture in the room can be controlled and can be designed according to your needs. Even if there are air conditioners, arrays, and pillar positions, custom-made furniture can easily help you avoid them.

Taking our case as an example, we placed the double bed in the middle and built an open-room style storage cabinet at the head of the bed, allowing customers to easily store children’s clothes. There is also a headboard at the head of the bed, which can be used together with the mother bed. At the end of the bed, half is an open shelf and the other half is a wardrobe with a closed door. The partitions inside the wardrobe are designed and customized according to the owner’s wishes. The shelves on the shelf can be adjusted up and down so that plastic boxes or storage boxes of different sizes can be placed appropriately. Of course, we did not miss the space beside the bed. We also helped the owner build a wall cabinet next to the bed. Although there was a beam in the corner, it was not difficult for us. Our wall cabinet covered the entire beam. , and at the same time, it is just next to the air conditioner. Really use every inch of space.

If you also want to order a double bed that does not waste space, you are welcome to contact us.






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