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When it comes to custom-made wardrobes, customers must be most concerned about the choice of partitions and colors, but in fact there are still many custom details that need to be paid attention to. Although designers can provide you with design suggestions, every customer has different living habits and preferences, so if customers can understand the details of the customized wardrobe in advance, they can get twice the result with half the effort when discussing the design with the designer.

1. Rounded edges and rounded corners

There are old and young at home, and it is easy to bump into the corners of the furniture and get hurt, so you can choose the design with rounded edges and picture corners to protect the safety of your family. The wardrobe case we want to share this time is located next to the bedroom door, which is easy to bump into when going in and out, so we designed rounded shelves for customers, and even the top cabinets have small rounded edges, which is safer.

2. Locking drawers is for everyone

Even if you are a family, each person will have some personal belongings and documents, such as documents, letters, etc., which you want to store in a centralized manner but do not want to mix them with your family’s belongings. It is best to have a drawer for each person with an independent lock, so that both You have privacy and you don’t have to worry about forgetting where you put your important items.

3. Top cabinet as sliding door

The top cabinet of the wardrobe is usually used to store uncommon daily necessities and seasonal clothing. Guests can choose a cover-door design to facilitate access to things. However, it is easy to encounter a big bug when the top cabinet is used to cover the door! It is that the light hits the door when opening the cabinet door. Or hit a split air conditioner. Therefore, if there are lights and air conditioners near the closet, the safest way is to make sliding doors to avoid collisions with lights or air conditioners.

4. Gayon in the same field: hidden ceiling locker

Have you noticed that in addition to the wardrobe, this case also has a hidden ceiling storage cabinet? There is a cabinet door above the door, and when opened, there is a storage space at the ceiling of the corridor. The storage capacity is very large, and you can secretly store many infrequently used sundries!

If you need to customize a wardrobe, welcome to contact us on WeChat, or go to the store to negotiate with the designer.





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