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There are three children in the family. Although they may be noisy from time to time, there are still many benefits of a big family, especially the fact that the children can accompany each other when they grow up, which is what many parents want. Of course, having three children requires three expenses, which is a “sweet burden” for parents. They may not be able to afford a room for each child. What is the solution to put three beds in one room? Wait until we introduce to you the design of the “triple bed”!

A three-person bed that does not require a high floor

This three-person bed is based on an L-shaped bed. It requires a higher space at the head of the bed and a shorter space at the end of the bed. This height difference can also be used to combine the three beds into a three-story L-shaped three-person bed, and it also faces the room floor. The requirements for the floor height are not high. This three-bed design can be used in the most common apartments with a floor height of 2.4 meters. It is definitely not an “off-the-ground” design that can only be achieved with a floor height of three meters.

Independent ladder for easy ascending and descending

The three-person bed has two ladders to climb up to the middle and upper floors respectively. The independent ladders make it easier for children to get up and down independently without having to fight, which naturally reduces the chance of quarrels between brothers and sisters. In addition, if children start to have different schedules during their growth stage, independent ladder climbing can also reduce the chance of affecting each other’s schedules and improve everyone’s sleep quality.

The floor bed box has plenty of storage space and room for a wardrobe.

In order to reduce the size of the triple bed and accommodate the space of a small room, we did not add a bedside table, but it can still have storage space. The bottom level is a platform bed. There is a large storage space under the bed box. Small suitcases, seasonal clothes, toys, etc. can be placed in the platform box. There is also a space under the middle floor, which allows guests to freely put plastic boxes for storage or school bags, or a small wardrobe. In the middle and upper floors, perforated boards and laminates can be installed on the walls to increase storage.

The most solid and clean boards can be used for more than ten years

For bunk beds and triple beds, what parents are most nervous about must be quality and safety issues. Our custom-made bed frame is made of the purest and strongest thin-core solid wood plywood, which has very good load-bearing capacity. The three-person bed is also absolutely stable and will not shake. In addition, the board has moisture-proof and non-deformation properties, so it can be used in humid Hong Kong. Used for more than ten years. In addition, the edges of the ladders and fences have been rounded to protect the safety of children together with guests.





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