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Wood furniture creates a comfortable bedroom

Cream white walls, bright and smooth wood grain floors, floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides, a complete set of light wood bedroom furniture – hydraulic bed, bedside table, magazine rack, wardrobe, plus the fresh and gentle morning light, it is a room Comfortable bedroom.

The stepped hydraulic bed creates a comfortable chill corner

Did you see that the hydraulic bed has a step-like design? Because the customer hopes that after placing the mattress on the hydraulic bed, there can also be a lazy corner for chilling next to it~ As long as you put some soft cushions and pillows, it will immediately become a leisure area, leaning against the bed and facing the floor-to-ceiling windows. Watching dramas and reading books are very comfortable and relaxing, and a happy life can only be like this~

There is an integrated bedside table at the head of the bed near the door. There is no gap between it and the hydraulic bed. It is not afraid of dust or small insects walking in. It is cleaner and easier to take care of! The small cabinet buckets of the bedside tables, part of the cabinet doors of the bedside cabinets and the wall cabinets of the wardrobe are all made of gray boards, which contrast with the main color of light wood, adding a touch of liveliness to the elegant style.

看見油壓床有個類似梯級的設計嗎?這是個可以Chill的懶人角落~ 只要放些軟坐墊和咕,馬上變成休閒區,靠著床邊、面向落地大窗,追劇、看書都非常舒服、放鬆~

Did you see that the hydraulic bed has a step-like design? This is a lazy corner where you can chill~ As long as you put some soft cushions and goo, it will immediately become a leisure area. It is very comfortable and relaxing to lean against the bed and face the large floor-to-ceiling windows to watch dramas and read books~

Steal space from the entire magazine rack to store magazines and miscellaneous items

After placing the hydraulic bed in the bedroom, there was still some space at the end of the bed. I wanted to make good use of the space and build an extra set of lockers. I also wanted to preserve the passage to the terrace and did not want a high cabinet to block the window, so we connected a window sill at the end of the bed for the guests. A row of thin and low cabinets were customized in the location, and the open part was equipped with cross bars to become a magazine rack. It is suitable for hostesses who love to read magazines. Families with children can also put children’s storybooks on the magazine rack. , keeping the room tidy and at the same time making it convenient for children to select and store books by themselves. There is a hidden storage with a cabinet door next to it. Although the cabinet is thin, it is perfect for storing bottles and cans of skin care products and small sundries. It can be arranged neatly.

Changhong glass sliding door wardrobe with special shape

Do you think the sliding door wardrobe is too boring? Color-blocking designs aren’t interesting enough? You can try the splicing design of Changhong glass and wooden boards. The left and right cabinet doors have different designs. The left side is spliced ​​with glass and wooden boards. The positions of the glass and wooden boards on the right side are reversed. In addition, the glass part becomes several long strips. The asymmetrical design on both sides adds a lot of interest to the room, and Changhong Glass has its own looming visual effect. It not only has a sense of perspective but also does not completely reveal the situation in the closet. It retains a little bit of privacy, has a unique shape and kills two birds with one stone.

In order to make the wardrobe in the wardrobe look more neat and orderly, the area with glass is the hanging area, and the rest is the stacking area of ​​the shelves, so that guests can maintain a neat storage effect without additional organization.

If you need customized bedroom furniture/hydraulic bed/wardrobe/magazine rack, please feel free to contact us.





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