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Many parents put great effort into decorating children’s rooms and designing children’s beds in order to let their children grow up happily. The styles of children’s beds are ever-changing, but when it comes to both appearance and practicality, roof-shaped bed or castle bed are very popular styles. We have also designed different styles of bed for different customers. This time The example is a blue and white room bed full of summer style.

Blue and white fresh style

The combination of blue and white is a common color scheme for children’s beds. It has a fresh and natural feeling, which makes it easier to relax when resting. Moreover, the pink color will make the space feel better, look very bright and fierce, and will not feel oppressive. It is suitable for the growing stage of children. You will also be more cheerful and lively.

Unique roof and fence

Of course, a house bed must have a roof and a fence to feel good! The fence of the bunk bed is designed with color-blocked popsicle sticks, which is full of cuteness. It is one of the favorite styles of children. In addition, it has a “field”-shaped window, which not only makes the shape of the bunk bed more special, but also The light transmission and ventilation functions are both useful to see and use! The upper lattice bed has a roof. In order to achieve a balance between shape and light transmission and ventilation, we did not use a fully sealed type, but chose to add only a horizontal top panel. For children, having a roof is not like being trapped in a box, which makes them more comfortable and fun.

The lower bed has a lighthouse-shaped decoration, which not only enhances the summer island feel, but the three-dimensional shape is also a practical hook for hanging coats and schoolbags. The cute shape is practical, and parents can encourage their children to store and pack things by themselves.

There are two storage spaces in the house bed: the cabinet under the bed and the large wardrobe.

The L-shaped bed has a large wardrobe, which is enough to store the clothes that the two brothers usually wear. The lower bed has storage space under the bed, with two large cabinets and buckets for underwear. It couldn’t be more suitable. Pick up the mattress, and there are several lockers with open panels, where you can put down feathers, suitcases, and large backpacks that you don’t wear often.

Wardrobe extension cabin look

If there is a cabin bed and the wardrobe has a cabin shape, the style of the room will be more consistent. We used two methods to extend the cabin shape in the wardrobe design, including creating cabin-shaped open storage compartments and using color-blocked cabinet doors to create the outline of the roof. The wardrobe is also in blue and white, which instantly enhances the overall design of the bedroom. Does it immediately give you the exquisite feeling of walking into a design company’s sample room? Wanting to customize a dream bunk bed and wardrobe for your children is actually not as difficult as you think.

We considered that there must be a lot of toys and books in the children’s room that need to be stored, so we made a row of open storage compartments on the side and bottom of the wardrobe, which is both convenient to use and has room for display – frequently read books and beautiful The dolls can be displayed directly, or they can be used with the fabric storage basket to store small toys. Children can easily pull out and put away the basket, and it is no problem to play with and put away the toys by themselves!





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