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Long and narrow room type uses tatami mats throughout the room to create the ultimate storage space

In a long and narrow bedroom, after placing the bed, there is only a climbing passage, leaving no extra space for storage. In this case, you can create the ultimate storage space by covering the room with tatami mats. Large items that are less commonly used can be stored under the bed, and since the tatami in the passage is not covered by a mattress, it is easier to open the cover and can store some commonly used items.

Tatami can raise the bed frame, making climbing into bed effortless

Some people worry that the tatami is too high, and it will be difficult for the elderly or people with bad knee joints to climb up onto the bed. If you have such concerns, you can consider raising the bed frame so that there is a height difference between the bed frame and the floor. Adding the thickness of the mattress, it will be easier to climb into the bed.

Bedroom tatami plus wardrobe bedside table
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Hybrid cabinet doors make good use of space

Mixing different types of cabinet doors can make better use of closet space. For the built-in wardrobe at the entrance, a sliding cabinet door is used near the tatami, so that the tatami will not hinder the opening and closing of the cabinet door. Drawers can be used in the middle position (you can also install a lock), and a sliding door can be used at the highest position. It makes it easier to place and take objects. Similarly, storage spaces of different sizes in the wardrobe are suitable for placing different items, making storage more effective.

Bedroom tatami plus wardrobe bedside table
Bedroom tatami plus wardrobe bedside table
Bedroom tatami plus wardrobe bedside table
Bedroom tatami plus wardrobe bedside table

Cleverly use bedside tables to separate the resting and dressing areas

In this case, in order to match the built-in wardrobe door, the bed cannot be moved to the side. The bedside table is cleverly used as a partition to separate the resting and dressing areas.

The bedside table is even more special with a double-sided design. There are shelves on both sides for placing small things, which is very practical.

In addition to being a dressing area, this small corner can also be decorated with throw pillows to become a casual reading space. The shelf on the back of the bedside table can be transformed into a magazine rack or bookshelf.

Bedroom tatami plus wardrobe bedside table

Things to pay attention to when customizing tatami

  1. First calculate the size of the space where the tatami can be placed, based on the available dimensions on the floor. You need to avoid opening doors and sockets. If you want to adopt a full tatami design, you can modify the socket position to a position higher than the tatami, or you can keep the original position of the socket and reserve threading holes in the tatami cover.
  2. Choose the tatami components, the size of the storage box and the direction of the cover according to the size of the space, storage needs and the placement of other furniture.
  3. Pay attention to the height of the windows and windowsills, and then decide the height of the tatami. The height of the tatami should not be too high above the window sill, and the tatami should not be too high above the window after placing the mattress to ensure a sense of security during use.

If you also want to customize bedroom furniture, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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