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The special features of these furniture photos can start with the bathroom cabinets. Because the guest bathroom is already large enough, there is no need to add a mirror cabinet. Instead of making a mirror cabinet, you can make a unique mirror. This mirror has a “mouth” shaped light bar, which is sure to be stylish. In fact, in addition to the mouth-shaped mirrors, other shapes of mirrors can be customized. Such as “two” shape, “1 1” shape and so on. In addition, you may not have noticed that the base cabinet of this bathroom cabinet has a sliding door. The sliding door design is actually very common in bathroom partitions where the toilet is in front. It is mainly used to prevent the cabinet door from being opened due to the toilet.


In addition, we also made a 6×6-foot bed for the guest, including a bedside backboard. This backboard has a hidden light strip that shines upward to provide lighting for reading at night. In addition, there is a desk next to the bed, which is convenient for reading, writing and using a computer.


The last thing I want to introduce in particular is the giant TV cabinet. This super-large wood grain background wall and floor cabinet design really tested the skills of our installers.


If you also have some special furniture that you need to customize, please feel free to contact us.

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