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The showroom space is limited (I believe everyone knows that housing prices in mainland China are expensive 😭😭😭), and there may not be enough space to display more than 10 sets of bathroom cabinets for everyone to visit, so now I will release the actual finished drawings of 8 bathroom cabinets for your reference. At the same time, we will also introduce you to 5 highlights of bathroom cabinets! Hao Furniture has a 100% completion guarantee and only seeks customer satisfaction. All the pictures below are actual cases taken at the construction site. Welcome to take screenshots and send us a quotation via Whatsapp or contact us~

Bathroom cabinet highlights 1: European door panel

European-style door panels with three-dimensional floral lines and metal handles immediately enhance the temperament of the bathroom.

Bathroom cabinet point 2: light seepage from the back of the mirror cabinet

Adding LED light strips to the back of the cabinet to create a light penetration effect can make the atmosphere of the space better. You can also add lights to the bathroom cabinet! The most common way is to add lights to the side of the mirror cabinet. You can add lights only to the bottom, or you can add lights to both the top and bottom.

Bathroom cabinet highlight 3: Lenses instead of mirror cabinets

If the storage needs are not high, or the toilet already has enough storage space, you can choose to hang the mirror directly on the wall instead of a thick mirror cabinet. Because lenses can have more shapes, such as round, oval, irregular shapes, and more personal characteristics.

Bathroom cabinet highlights 4: Bathroom cabinet with drawers

Many bathroom supplies come in bits and pieces in small bottles, which are easier to store in drawers.

Bathroom cabinet highlights 5: Smart mirror cabinet

Smart mirror cabinets are very powerful. In addition to induction LED lights, some mirror cabinets also have anti-fog effects, clocks and temperature displays, making your life easier.





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