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How to design bathroom cabinets and mirror cabinets? Follow the following 4 design points and you will not go wrong!

Frameless mirror cabinets provide a better sense of space

The mirror is one of the magic weapons for magnifying space. In the bathroom mirror cabinet, all cabinet doors are mirrors. The frameless design allows the mirror to be made larger, giving a better sense of space. Even though the bathroom is small, it doesn’t feel cramped or crowded.

Hotel style adds home atmosphere

In recent years, hotel-style furniture has become very popular, adding to the home atmosphere. Bathroom cabinets can be integrated into the hotel style by adding hidden light troughs above the mirror cabinets to achieve an elegant effect of “light penetration”. With a lot of white background, it looks more concise and clean.

Mirror cabinets with a depth of 12-15cm are best

There are many toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, skin care products, toilet paper, etc., but they are not large in size and look messy when placed next to the wash basin. Therefore, the mirror cabinet is a very important storage cabinet in the bathroom. It is difficult to use if it is too deep or too shallow. 12-15cm is best.

Bathroom cabinets with and without doors

The fully enclosed mirror cabinet completely hides the storage function behind the cabinet door. It is visually refreshing and easy to organize. It is suitable for placing items that need to be protected from moisture and dust accumulation. The open mirror cabinet lacks cabinet doors and allows items to be displayed clearly at a glance. Place items that are used frequently, but they tend to accumulate dust. If used in a bathroom that is not separated from dry and wet areas, the items may also easily become damp. Mirror cabinets composed of closed mirror cabinets and open storage cabinets are suitable for most families.

If you would like to customize bathroom cabinets/mirror cabinets, please contact us.

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