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Bathroom cabinets are not only used to store toiletries and cleaning supplies to avoid clutter. In fact, the color design of bathroom cabinets can also change the bathroom into different styles. Let’s take a look at the 6 most popular bathroom cabinet colors!

1. Warm wood blends with natural leisure taste

If you like nature, you will definitely fall in love with such a natural and relaxing bathroom cabinet. The combination of wood grain bathroom cabinet and frameless mirror cabinet brings out your favorite living temperature. Various styles can be displayed with different wood grains and tones. For example, dark or mahogany wood is more calm and slightly oriental; use light-colored wood veneer and white bricks to create a simple and healing bathroom.

浴室的鏡櫃, 面盤及地櫃
Bathroom mirror cabinets, vanities and base cabinets
浴室的鏡櫃, 面盤及地櫃, 溫潤木質色調, 融入自然休閒品味
The mirror cabinets, face plates and base cabinets in the bathroom are decorated with warm wood tones, integrating a natural and casual taste.

2. Nordic light luxury style is a favorite among girls

The use of jumping colors is one of the keys to creating a Nordic style bathroom. White paired with appropriate jumping colors can make the bathroom space more lively and eye-catching, such as Morandi colors with gray tones such as fog blue, pink, dark gray green, etc. And the ever-popular marble pattern, combined with metallic elements, instantly fills the space with texture!

Girls’ Favorite Nordic Light Luxury Style Bathroom

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3. Blue and black show rationality and masculine beauty

A personalized bathroom can definitely show your own taste, a pure black and white rational design, or a blue-toned design with a lot of black, with strong colors as the protagonist, and industrial style design elements with a lot of iron parts and neat lines, you can enjoy it. Show taste and attitude.

Blue and black bathroom cabinets show rationality and masculine beauty
Blue and black bathroom cabinets show rationality and masculine beauty

4. Pure white design, refreshing and tidy

Pure white can bring a refreshing and tidy feeling, make the bathroom look brighter, and also provide a sense of healing that reduces stress and makes people feel better.

純白設計的浴室櫃, 清爽整潔
Bathroom cabinet with pure white design, refreshing and tidy

5. Fresh blues, full of energy

Those who like a fresh atmosphere can not only choose ordinary white bathroom cabinets, but also use cabinet doors to add a touch of light blue to the space, with glass-finished cabinet doors to fill the space with freshness and vitality, and also add a clean and neat feeling.

The fresh blue bathroom cabinet is full of vitality

6. Dark wood color combination exudes classic beauty

The classic dark wood color gives people a feeling of experiencing a vast ocean and seeing all kinds of life. The deep solid wood bathroom cabinets and mirror frames are paired with pure white, which makes the two ends of the space contrast obviously, and has a touch of simplicity in the classics.

深木色浴室櫃與地櫃配搭, 散發古典美
Dark wood bathroom cabinets match the base cabinets, exuding classic beauty

Do you like any of the above color schemes? If you also want to customize bathroom cabinets, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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